About Us

Who we are

Qualvu will help you find your truth. We call ourselves pioneers. Pioneers in insight. Pioneers in research design. Pioneers in technology. Continuously improving, adapting and evolving. Pushing boundaries, striving to deliver our clients the best research possible. And we’re delivering. New insights from new places. Richer, deeper, better data through mobile video diaries … your customer, in their homes, in the store, on the go. Wherever their lives take them.

Our sense of purpose

Our purpose is to deliver strategic, impactful insights to our clients. Qualvu helps you make better business decisions by providing greater connectivity and greater engagement with consumers. Qualvu thinks about research in a very different, very innovative way. We bring the research to the participant and we let them share on their schedule. Some of the best research happens when the researcher is not in the room.

Where we add value

Mobile video data is the starting point. Qualvu has built a solid foundation of more than four years experience in collecting, coding and generating insights around video-based research to put us in a very unique position as innovators and experts in this field.

Building on this foundation, we have a team of experienced research strategists who can deliver layers of context and learnings and an even more engaging model of collaboration for our clients through live follow-ups. Qualvu will systematically unlock the insights you need to drive better decision-making within your organization.

We’re constantly enhancing our offerings by our belief in innovation and our genuine curiosity, using learnings from more than 2,000 VideoDiary projects and over 30,000+ minutes of video we collect every month.