Analyze… the next generation

February 19, 2013

End of the day, our clients want to be able to make better business decisions. The opportunity for Qualvu is to bridge from richer data to differentiated learning. Great researchers help. 1500+ projects worth of experience in systematically coding data is a big leg up. Having really brilliant tools to enable our unique skill-set is a gift from the technology gods.

Our clients also want to be able to socialize the organized data that we generate. Not just our output, the VideoReport, but the actual coded data. The clips, the highlight reels that we create along the way.

So we’ve spent the last year listening to your feedback and learning how we can improve the Analyze experience so that our clients can work in, around, through the data along with us (at least for those of you who are DIYers or that get a charge out of rolling your sleeves up and working with raw content). So the tools are intuitive for the power-user (Qualvu) as much as they are for the novitiate.

The latest step in this effort is the unveiling of a complete update to our Analyze suite of tools, a redesign to the interface that streamlines coding, tagging, clipping and playlist creation. Along with streamlining our Analyze tools, we’ve rolled out new dashboard pages for viewing the status of your project. And, as always, you can download a clip or send a link to a colleague in just a few clicks.

Who ever said working with video is hard…. with the next generation of Analyze, better business decisions are right around the corner.