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August 15, 2011

Digital behavior is changing everything from the way we treat animated crows to the way we shop for casual clothes. Today’s digitally savvy consumers play online games, write blogs, join communities, review products, use webcams, tweets, and navigate life on their mobile devices. And market research is just now leaning how it can use this lifestyle and these devices to deliver more candid consumer insights.

What does that mean for you? And what are leading companies doing about it? Vote for our panel for SXSW and find out.

We’ve put together a star-studded panel of next generation market research thought leaders eager to talk about how to get inside the heads of today’s digital consumer on a panel called Deprogramming Dull: Digitally Reinventing Research.

If you’re a brand marketer, ad agency (digital and traditional), brand consultant, brand strategist, brand and account planner, market researcher, social media pro, content strategist or academic researcher, this panel idea was conceived with you in mind.

So if you want to see the market research industry represented at SXSWi, vote HERE.

Here’s who we’ve lined up to panel the room:


Fiona Blades, CEO of MESH Planning. Fiona founded MESH planning in 2006 to create real-time research approaches to evaluate every consumer touch-point. She developed the MESH Planning Experience Tracker, which incorporates online or face-to-face surveys with real-time texting and online diaries to get a complete picture of brand experiences.

Kevin Lonnie, President and CEO of KL Communications, Inc.Kevin created the “Insights Communities 2” approach, which applies a collaborative, iterative strategy to acquire and synthesize insights by combining qualitative and quantitative data streams.

Ellen Kolsto, Strategy & Insights Director, GSD&M. As an account planner, Ellen developed a special interest in gaining insights through innovative research design, including research communities, online ethnography, unique quail quant methods and online qualitative that better reflect how we live and think in the digital world.

John Williamson, Founder and CEO, Qualvu. John developed a methodology that enables consumers to share video insights wherever they are, wherever they go, whenever a “moment of truth” occurs, and he designed a complementary technology that would support the collection and organization of hundreds of hours of video stream-of-consciousness consumer feedback.

Ari Popper, President, Brainjuicer North America. Ari is a highly experienced and respected marketing consultant. He has helped to reinvent the market research industry by introducing new methodologies that harness “Me-to-We” research, the Wisdom of Crowds and netnography.



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About this SXSWi Panel Idea

Deprogramming Dull: Digitally Reinventing Research

Let’s do a focus group! Hmmm, maybe not. While digital innovation is moving at the speed of light, many marketers and agencies are still heavily relying on traditional consumer research methodologies pioneered in the 1960s. Many times these methodologies lead to me-too insights and dull, been there, done that reports. Today’s digitally savvy consumer plays online games, blogs, joins communities, uses webcams, tweets, and navigates life on their mobile devices. Shouldn’t these behaviors be leveraged in market research designed to better understand them? Why not use gaming in product development research, videodiaries in qualitative or mobile to track actual brand experiences? Experts from the U.S and U.K. representing some of the most forward-thinking, innovative research companies operating today will discuss and debate using these socially-connected online and mobile behaviors to build primary research that is arguably more fun and engaging for the consumers who participate and far more interesting for the marketers/agencies who love them. Why? They are uncovering deeper, more authentic insights using research that reflects a better understanding of how our world functions today.

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