Take Your Researcher Role a Step Further: Become a Thought Partner!

September 27, 2011

researchers as thought partnersFrom inspiration to implementation, business decisions are guided by consumer needs and emotions. However, as a researcher, your goal isn’t simply to listen to consumers but rather bridge the gap and connect stakeholders with truthful insights and actionable recommendations that drive decision making. A recent study by Cambiar unveiled some interesting findings regarding how corporate researchers view the future of research, and one finding in particular caught our attention: researchers’ main challenge today is to be able to operate as thought partners within their organizations.

Researchers are struggling to adopt a more strategic role, which is critical in an organization’s advancement. After all, a researcher’s mission is to help the company innovate, stay ahead of the curve, and make business decisions based on the realities of the company’s market. So how can researchers more deeply inspire stakeholders not only to make business decisions but to also immerse themselves into consumers’ lives and share research data that propels innovation and creativity in business solutions? How can researchers become a thought partner and drive better cross-organizational decision making?

We believe the answer lies in collaboration and transparency in the research process. We believe that researchers and stakeholders alike should have unlimited access to the voice and face of the consumer, the ability to easily mine research data that drives recommendations, and the empowerment to share their thoughts and reactions to the data, along with new theories and premises on which to base business growth, with the organization as a whole. Ultimately, researchers should be empowered to encourage the type of internal collaboration that propels businesses forward, guided by their main stakeholders’, their consumers’, feelings, behavior, and drivers.

The qualitative research process isn’t just a linear process but a looped one. Insights drive new questions, and new questions drive new opportunities. Empowering stakeholders to share and create conversations around newly discovered insights helps inspire business decisions as well as new areas of exploration.

On September 28th at 3 P.M. ET, join us for a webinar that will show you how you can use digital tools to transparently share raw and analyzed video consumer insights and encourage the type of internal collaboration that increases ROI and creates a strategic researcher-stakeholder partnership.