Of word-of-mouth and flies-on-the-wall. Find out what consumers really think of your social media pages

June 10, 2010

Social networks are quickly evolving from interactions with friends to recommendations for brands – and savvy companies are finding ways to leverage the phenomenon.


A recent article in emarketer.com on “How Consumers Interact with Brands on Social Networks” uncovers that social networking is not just a platform for engaging friends anymore. It’s now also a way to discover and interact with brands. Researchers predict that by 2014, nearly two-thirds of internet users will use a social network at least once a month.


Currently, about one-third of Facebook users have become fans of brands on the network and more than half have done so on Twitter. These are compelling numbers to any company using social media as a platform to disseminate its messages, boost its image, promote its products and keep the consumer engaged.  And while researchers said that coupons do spark interest in social network users to take action, a friend’s recommendation continues to dominate the motivation for a consumer to interact with a brand. Put another way, these social networking sites have become the new word-of-mouth, and you’ve got to be on your game if you want to make a good first impression.


Considering the latest numbers for social networking, many companies are now wondering just how well their social networking page interacts with their customers or potential customers. What are they learning, how are they engaging with the company, and what stands out to them? You may be able to use analytical data to track clicks and page views, but how do you move beyond that data to know how consumers feel? Do they trust what they see, or do they want to engage with you but don’t know how, or are they too scared to do so? Qualvu has created video-enabled application tracking so that you can see, hear and view exactly how consumers interact with your social pages. What might they miss, how do they navigate, what stands out, and are you accomplishing the goal you’ve set for your social site?


With Qualvu’s video-enabled application tracking, it’s as if you’re standing over the consumer’s shoulder watching and listening to their every move and sound without their knowing you are there. The fly-on-the-wall mentality is something you can’t get in analytics tools or click tracking software, but you can with video and audio in the comfort and convenience of your consumers’ own homes.  Couple that with an easy-to-use interface that organizes responses and information in a sleek interface, and you’ve just conducted your own social research study with little to no effort. To find out more about Qualvu’s video-enabled application tracking software contact us today.  Clients who have already experienced the power of Qualvu’s suite of tools are learning more about their brands online than ever before.